Unfortunately not all of it helpful that vkusno.A sometimes even harmful tasty food and the ability to cause the worst disease.

Modern technology, in us life.

Modern technology has long had pride of place in our lives, but as they were not useful, they also carry with them harm.

Harmfull of cigarettes.

Current smokers (whose last count huge amount) which does not even represent a threat hangs over them.


Drink beer at dinner - like not bad. But you simply can not imagine that you can make alcohol organizmu.Ego destructive power begins to act on the central nervous system and ends at the muscle.


The desire to gain a lot of fun, encourages young people to use drugs. In their view it vsegolish harmless tablets (powder, seeds), but not as simple as it seems.

Children toys.

Modern toys - an excellent tool for merry spend time ребенка.Но unfortunately not all that brings joy, and brings benefits.

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